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Our journey began when our mother, Elva, and the six of us kids left Mexico to visit our father, Franciso, here in Weatherford. With a strong commitment of family, our visit turned into a new life here in Oklahoma. Soon after with the help of a close friend, we began to realize our dream of starting our own restaurant business in the summer of 1985-built on our culture of hospitality and flavorful, fresh, homemade dishes.

The first 10 years saw our family restaurant in an old log cabin, which was located on the site of our current parking lot. Before long, leadership, dedication, and hard work prompted our family to build and expand into the current building we are housed in today.

Our family is very thankful for the blessings God has given us and all of the loyal customers that help make Casa Soto's a place of price and friendship. We believe that it is this atmosphere which brings our customers back time and time again. We pledge to do our very best to serve you and make our home feel like your home!

Nuestra casa es su casa!

La Familia Soto

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